Quick Photography Tips - Lesson 1

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In this series of lessons, we are going to explore a few ideas on what you can do to overcome difficulties with taking the right photos. At the end of the series I hope you have found some inspiration to take more photographs, to enjoy the camera and in general just to remember to capture those moments!

Capture the everyday moments

Being a scrapper, I sometimes have difficulty to find the right picture to use that works well for a specific range of paper, or occasion or even the right colour in a picture (once again, to fit with the paper range, etc.)

I think the biggest mistake we make is to think that we can only capture special moments, special events, holidays, the list goes on. That is part of the problem, since we often just want to scrapbook the everyday life. We tend to remember the special moments in any case but what about the everyday life at that stage in your life?


We are past the days where we had to work with film and tried not to waste it. These days you can capture pictures on your phone, so why not take as many as you can? We will also discuss in another lesson ways that you can edit pictures to get the optimal usage of what you have captured.


So, what are these everyday moments in our lives? I have an eight year old boy, so he has a lot of activities, sports and we take him on a lot of trips and day visits. However, the best photos I have of him was when he was just sitting around at a casual visit with friends. These photos are a good example, we were having a “braai” and he just chatted to his sister and I took out my cell phone and took pics. I love these pictures, they tell the story of his personality so well. And in all fairness, you can’t always see his face, but that is the point! I used these pictures in this very simple/plain layout and I am convinced that the pictures are the real artwork in this case.



As I have often said, I do scrapbooking to make sure my son remembers me one day when I am not around anymore. I want him to remember the things that made me, me. How do you capture those? Think about what the things are that you do on daily basis? The things you do that you love, the things you hate, what makes you sad, what makes you happy… all those are the things you need to journal and capture on film.


I read an article where the writer said why don’t you take a picture of what you are doing at a specific time of day, whether it is folding washing, cooking, having tea with friends, working on something, anything. Then use those pictures in a layout or project of your “boring everyday activities” or “what I am doing on a daily basis”. I like the idea, it would be such a fun way to really give insight on your personal life.



Sometimes we are at a special event and we concentrate so hard on taking pictures of the event, the decorations, the people. Nothing wrong with that, but if you look around you might see other things that would also add to the magic of the event. I took this picture of my son just resting on the grass at a wedding. It is not a posed picture but what I like about it is just that and the angle that I took it at (from above) makes it a really cute picture.



Some of the other day to day pictures that I can think about: your children/hubby playing with the pets, someone enjoying cooking (get them while they are tasting the sauce!), your teenager sitting curled up on the couch reading a book, listing to music and even your kiddies dancing to music. The possibilities are endless!


There doesn’t always have to be people in a picture to tell a story. Take a picture of your roses in the garden or the bunch of flowers your husband sent you, your nails/jewellery/favourite dress, all those little things that makes you happy and makes you smile. Photos that we take while they are just playing or sleeping or even eating. This picture was taken at a wedding where my son was just playing and i looked down at him and took the picture. It is one of my favourites.


In the next lesson we are going to talk about categorising your photos (on your PC as well as printed pictures). Hope you found some inspiration in this blog and that you are excited to capture the next moment in your everyday life!



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