Have you started planning for Christmas?

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Christmas is around the corner and we're here with some ideas.

Every year my Christmas turns into a mad dash to get everything ready for Christmas. Then the day after Christmas I promise myself that next year will be different. But it never is.


Until this year. This year I'm grabbin' that bull by the horns.


The benefits of starting Christmas planning early are surprising when you list them all out. Here are some of them :


- Empty stores -  Since everyone else will wait until those last few days before Christmas, you can shop in peace.


- Everything is still in stock - The longer you wait to do your shopping, the more you will find the things you were looking for are out of stock. Shopping early means all the shelves are still fully stocked.


- December actually becomes a holiday - Christmas and the December holiday period is supposed to be for some rest & relaxation, but more often than not turns into a fulltime job(with a deadline!). Doing one or two little things each day for the next 2 weeks will almost completely remove your December workload (and that means more wine for me!).


- More time with the family - It's hard to spend time with the kids or relatives when you're running around setting everything up. Doing your December tasks early November just opens up so much more valuable time having fun in December, rather than working all the time.



So now that we can all agree on the benefits, lets start our November early with some old Christmas Projects we posted last year. This should get you started.


We will be posting Christmas themed blogs until the last week before the 25th, so keep an eye on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Here are our other Christmas themed posts. Clicking any of the images will open up that blog post in a new tab.


We hope you have a happy and carefree holiday season.


Book Page Wreath




Holly Card 


Ornament Card




Snowflake Card




Kaisercraft Holiday Layout




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