Meet the team

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A look at all the scrap-a-holics staff.

Meet our team.

Scrap-a-holics has an awesome team working together to make our website of the best quality, ensure daily updated stock quantities, ensuring we have new adverts and banners on weekly basis, working hard to make sure we have the coolest blogs and of course, making sure the website is up and running all the time.

So, I am very proud to introduce our team to you and share a few interesting facts about each member. Did you know Diane is more than 1.8m tall, yet she is afraid of a spider! Danie’s favourite colour is a light pastel turquois, Dawn has two grown sons although she looks like she is 35, Samantha lives in Vanderbilpark and I am my own worst critic! So, let me tell you more about each member of our amazing team. You already know everything about me, so I won’t bore you with my story again. However, I will reveal some information that you didn’t know about me and the team!

Danie Oberholzer was the first person to have started the website with me. He is a Web designer and in my opinion one of the best you can find! He is 28 years old, has a 2year old son Albert and his wife is also a crafter and has a small business of her own. Danie lives in Rustenburg, on a farm, that he feels is a safe place since his biggest fear is that his family becomes a victim of crime. Danie hates spinach and liver, he is afraid of flying and his favourite super hero is Deadpool since they share the same type of humour. Danie’s biggest dream is - Opening a virtual reality theme park with the brand new Oculus VR technology glasses! Something not a lot of people know about Danie: the two toes next to his big toe are just as long as his big toe!



Danie, with his wife Evette and son, Albert. Danie takes care of his son during the day since he has a job that doesn’t require him to go to the office.


Samantha Wessels was the next person to join our team. She is a graphic designer and very talented and likes to design things that are a bit different from the norm. Samantha is in her twenties, got married in December and works at a pre-school during the day. Samantha’s motto is that you only have one life, so live it! Samantha’s nickname is Samy (she got that from school) and she hates peas! Superman is her favourite superhero and she still wants to Bungee! Something about Samy that people don’t know? She is my oldest brother’s daughter and I never knew she was such a good designer, I asked her to make a few things for me and was very pleasantly surprised to see what she is capable of.


This picture was taken on Samantha's wedding day with her husband, Jurie Wessels

Last, let’s get to know Diane van Dam a bit closer. Diane is a dear friend of mine that I met through other friends.At first Diane wasn’t interested in scrapbooking at all. She only visited and saw what others were making. I convinced her to come for a class and she practiced at home for weeks to try and cut with a craft knife since she thought that was how we cut all the fancy things we make. She was not very impressed when she saw we had a “crook machine” (Silhouette Cameo)! After the first class Diane was hooked and became a Scrap-a-holic. Diane updates our stock on daily basis and makes sure that the website is always up and running smoothly.


Diane with her mom and Dad, when they were visiting South Africa.

Now that you know the little details about our team, let me share a few facts about myself too. I am married to Danie Venter, we only have one son together but Danie has a son and daughter of his own which I adore. I have a full time job in labour outsourcing and love both my job and my hobby. I am a very eager learner and am always on the lookout for new things to learn. I didn’t believe I had a single string of creativity in me but I surprise myself every day with the hidden creativity I do have. My motto in life is that when you can’t be happy, be brave. In my life that has carried me through a lot of hardships and disappointments. I am a believer but I am scared of people walking around telling others they are religious but then act differently. I believe your character does show eventually, so don’t go around pretending what you are not. I love people, so I enjoy meeting all these wonderful scrapper ladies out there. We share a compassion for something that I believe is not only making memories but also preserving history.


This is me with my husband Danie and my son Divan and his sister, Monette. 

We have guest bloggers that does blogs for us and that we consider as part of our team but we have not explored their contributions on this blog. We would like to invite you to have a look at their work and enjoy making the projects they blogged.

I hope you enjoyed the journey with us dear scrapper friends. We would like to know if you did, so please feel free to comment! And we would love to hear more about your families and your life, so please send info to us via mail, Facebook, even whatsapp if that is your medium of communication.

Looking forward to hear from you!



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