52 Weeks of Inspiration

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We've put together a list of 52 prompts designed to help trigger your photo and journaling creativity.

We all need a little kick start from time to time - and that's just what these prompts are designed for! We've put together a list of 52 prompts designed to help trigger your photo and journaling creativity and make your journal one to capture each special moment.



Each can be interpreted in a variety of ways and be used in different mediums, and we hope they spark something for you! Use them in order as they are on the list, or do what we have done and make a Quote Jar with each one individually put into the jar and select one at random when you want a bit of a challenge.



We hope you'll share what they inspire you to capture!

  1. Starting the New Year
  2. Funny Moment
  3. The view we had
  4. What I’m listening to at the moment
  5. Family traditions
  6. Bedtime story
  7. Love is in the air
  8. Say What?
  9. Right Now
  10. What I like about my clothes
  11. I feel ….
  12. Lucky me
  13. From another angle
  14. Could not believe it
  15. I am thankful for
  16. I Want To…
  17. Facebook today
  18. Restaurant Review
  19. Out & About
  20. He Said / She Said
  21. The More Things Change
  22. Tuned in
  23. Bucket List
  24. The Games We Play
  25. The Essentials
  26. Morning Routine
  27. Let’s Get Away
  28. On the Agenda
  29. OMG!
  30. What is for supper
  31. Movie Night
  32. Q & A from a child
  33. Progress made
  34. Family News
  35. Family Night
  36. What I am reading
  37. Bad Day
  38. Binge Eating
  39. I Want This…
  40. Early / Late
  41. And I Quote…
  42. Oh So Happy
  43. Lessons Learned
  44. Date Night
  45. Not feeling well
  46. On My Desk
  47. Little Miracles
  48. At the Theater
  49. New recipe
  50. At Home
  51. All is Happy
  52. The Way We are

It doesn’t matter if you do Scrap-booking, mixed media or journaling only - these prompts can be used for any inspiration, just get your CREATIVE ON!


Antoinette Venter

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