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Welcome to my planner addiction. Yes I admit it, I am addicted to making lists and plans. I even make lists of lists - but my creative brain demands it, if I don't make lists and plans my life ends up in total and utter chaos and nothing gets done.

So I was thrilled when my beautiful KaiserCraft Journal Planner arrived this weekend. The cover is soft and nicely padded and the magnetic clasp is pure joy (no cheap studs here).
Even the box it came in will come in very handy for storing future pages and embellishments.


The inside cover is a lovely neutral beige which works with any colour scheme and with a few handy pockets which I immediately had to decorate.


I used a large piece of paper from Heidi Swapp  as my starting point of my black and gold theme.
I used Project Life cards a doily from Prima Marketing which I just painted black and I added a few other bits and pieces from my box of embellishments from Kaisercraft and Prima Marketing and a few handmade ribbons and bow paperclips (soon to be available from the shop).


The divider pages included in the planner are nice and thick and the quotes are all lovely, I decided just to add a few gold polka dots to carry my theme.


The other side of the divider was blank and so I added a small monthly calendar and a few stickers and embellishments. 
As this is the first week in my planner I will need to wait for next week for the list/notes/ideas page.




So now we get to the real fun of the journal/planner... 
what will you use it for? 
Personally I will be using it as a journal - I prefer photo's to writing but I do need a place to keep track of certain things that happened and this space is perfect for that. I will also use it as a place to keep track of important events, party planning and my craft and social media progress/posts.

As this is the first week and nothing has happened yet... all I did was use my Heidi Swapp stamps to add the dates, a quote and a silly photo of my boys and I to keep me smiling.

For those of you who like to journal a lot, there is a whole pack of extra paper included (I will probably be using mine for mini art pieces as the quality of paper is superb), there are also a whole bunch of plastic pockets included but I'm saving that for next time...

I will be back next week to show you what happened this week and how I use the weeks page and also show you what I will be doing with the list page and a plastic pocket idea or two.

If you don't have your planner yet - please be patient, they're coming on the store soon. Be sure to come back here every week and join me in the planner addiction ... there are some great ideas and fancy pages still coming your way - don't miss out.


Dawn Smit

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