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Scrap-a-holics, my story

My name is Antoinette Venter, I am the owner of Scrap-a-holics and I am delighted to chat with you on our website!

Scrap-a-holics  have been in business for the third year now and have achieved so much during this past three years that we can only say "God bless!". My heart gets all warm and fussy when I think about the wonderful people I have met throught this wonderful hobby that eventually became a business. To me Scrapbooking has become a way of life. I love the fact that you can document your life and that you can leave that as a legacy to your children and family.

My mission was to make sure that if I died “today” I have shared my love for my son (and my family) through my scrapbooking. But scrapbooking is more than that, it is also a celebration of our lives, a tribute to the people that we share it with and of course creating memories that lasts. In the end it is all about the photos, so we our job is to make the photos tell the story. 

In life there are so many things that is really sad, people who are not as privilage as we are to have memories to share. I think it is very important that we appreciate the life we have and celebrate it every single day we are in this world. My son knows that his mom is addicted to Scrapbooking and he understands why I am doing it, so he already has a passion for "memory keeping" - so mission almost accomplished (LOL)!

Scrapbooking is quite an expensive hobby. I would hate it if people could not due it due to cost restraints. So I re-designed our costing structure so that it is more accessible to everybody and that people can enjoy the hobby and not break the bank. We would like to get your feedback on how you experience our pricing and our website, so PLEASE feel free to let us know your thoughts on that!

We get involved in our own community and also travel to present classes in other areas. I believe in investing in your society and keeping the hobby alive. Once a month we present a class at our studio, situated in Trichardt, where we just scrap, chat and enjoy good company (and cake!). We also design monthly kits and even cater for the children (by presenting children's classes). 

It was not an easy road, but by God's grace we have reached this milestone and we are looking forward to many more happy years of scrapping, meeting people and sharing our love and joy for the arts and crafts that goes through our creative minds and hands.

Our slogan is:  Because we are all addicted to Scrapbooking.  

Although that slogan seems so obvious we tried to bring the fun into it. We are proud scrapaholics becuase we have the privilage of sharing our life journey with others and leave a legacy . At Scrap-a-holics we aim to sell good quality products to the public and try our utmost best to keep that “personal touch” by interacting with our customers, giving them value for money and making them feel special. 

When a customer gives us feedback on something we can improve on our site, our web designer, Danie Oberholzer, immediately makes work of it. Danie was with me from the start and he is just the best there is! We work with awesome people who have the same passion and creative juices to make kits for us, to teach our customers about new techniques and we showcase the latest products on the market. We have great friends in the industry that blogs for us, so don't miss those special blogs!

Happy Scrapping dear Scrap-a-holic!



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You're totally right!
Created By 2016-05-26 13:48:45 Posted By Jeanette van Graan Comment Link
Wow, I haven't experienced such a personal touch on a website before. Thank you for making shopping with you such an experience
Created By 2015-10-30 07:46:33 Posted By Diane van Dam Comment Link
From my first hand experience most definitely it is contagious the passion you and your team have for scrapbooking AND for customer satisfaction!!!

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