A look at the Home for the Holidays kit and how it could be used.

Christmas is a time for many memories and even more photos. Here's a nice way to display your favourite Christmas images.


Step 1
Cut 2 x 12cm strips of P1935 Poinsettia paper, using double sided tape attach them to the middle of your 2 sheets of red paper



Step 2
Using glue or double sided tape, stick green ribbon on just above the poinsettia paper - top and bottom (carefully use a lighter to seal the ribbon ends)



Step 3
Cut 3 x 5cm strips from your green cardstock
Cut out a 3cm high triangle at the bottom
Tape the strips of green down to your page - 1.5cm from the bottom of the page.
Working from right to left - the spaces are:
(strip 1:) 6cm from the right (working on page 2)
(strip 2) 8cm between 2 strips on page 2 and 6cm from center of page
(strip 3) 5cm from the center of the page



Step 4
Cut reverse the green side into six 4x4 (inch) squares.
There is enough paper and space if you would like to make these slightly larger - just cut the full page in half and then each half into 3 (4x6)

Use foam squares or strips to mount them onto the page



Step 5
Cut out all the Images carefully on paper (don't forget the barcode pieces)



Step 6
Take the large "black" picture and add a piece of ribbon and bow, mount it onto a piece of green cardstock (1cm bigger all around) and place it on the left hand side of page 1



Step 7 & 8
Using the photo's as a guide - place all the ephemera and cutouts on the page, use foam squares where necessary.





Step 9
I used my Brother Scan n Cut and cut out snowflakes in various sizes out of shimmer paper and place them randomly over the page.
I used Rangers Glossy Accents to glue them down because its a pretty glue just in case i mess.



Step 10
Use what ever snowflake type stamps you have in various sizes and stamp randomly all over the page - I used the asterisk (*) on this Heidi Swapp stamp in all 3 sizes



Step 11
Your page is complete, now just add your favourite photo's.



Photo's 12, 13 & 14







This is what I had left over and today I will make Christmas cards from them



Hope you like it



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