Create a beautiful hanging wreath from old book pages.

For this project you will need:
+/- 100 book pages
Sticky tape
Hot glue
12"x 12" foam core board (or stiff cardboard)
1 black bulldog clip
Center decoration of your choice.

Start off by folding about 100 pieces of book paper (or any paper of your choice) - I used an old readers digest.

1. Make a small fold at the halfway point


2. This helps you keep the tip of your cone in place


3. Start twisting your cone in towards the middle of the page


4. And continue twisting to incorporate the other side of the page


*This sounds way more complicated than it actually is
5. Use a small piece of sticky tape to secure your cone in shape


6. Cone completed


7. Staple the cone about 2 cm from the bottom


8. Put the tv on and watch a good movie while you make the other 99 cones - get the kids to help if they are able



Now comes the fun and much quicker part of this project

9. mark the center of your cardboard and using a compass, draw 2 circles 1 at 6.5 cm and the other at 12.5 cm


10. mark your top circle at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and start gluing down your cones in these 4 positions


11. fill in the outer ring with cones


12. start filling in the second ring of cones as you did in the first row but try put cones "in between" the above row of cones and not directly in front of them


13. add a final row of cones to the center dot you started with



I ended up only using 61 cones - so I will be folding a few more and making another wreath. 
The number you need will depend on the size of your circles and the paper size and folds.



14. Attach a bulldog clip to the back of your foam board behind the 12 o'clock cone and thread a pretty ribbon on for hanging - trust me the bulldog clip is more than strong enough to hold this up.



15. Add something pretty to the center of the wreath - mine is for Christmas so I chose a plastic poinsettia but try beads or baubles etc



16. That's it - done!



Hang it on your door and wait for all your friends to oooh and aahhh over it



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that is so clever and pretty

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